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Syria’s violence Spills over borders

Friday, June 8th, 2012

For more than a year, and particularly in recent months, the “Syrian crisis” has dominated Middle East news.  (more…)

A Benchmark of Progress, Electrical Grid Fails Iraqis

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

As the American combat mission officially ends this month, Iraq’s government is still struggling to provide one of the most basic services, generating disillusionment and dissent.

News Analysis: American and Iraqi Versions Differ in Latest Chapters of War’s Story

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

In some instances, as in the release of casualty statistics, the Americans publicly showcase their own data, which consistently show many fewer violent deaths than Iraqi figures.

Prospects Abound Among the Kurds

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

As America winds down its war effort in Iraq, a growing list of former American diplomats and military officials are now chasing business opportunities in the oil-rich Kurdish region or acting as advisers to its government.

‘Stability’ Mission In Iraq Won’t Mean End of Fighting

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Even after a reduction in troop numbers, American forces will still hunt terrorists after the August deadline that President Obama set for the end of the combat mission in Iraq.

I can’t shut up! They stoned a young girl because she dared to LOVE, down with honor killings!

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

I posted earlier this evening on a tragic event.

I cited to CNN video, and my first comment received on this blog let me know the link was not working.

The original link I provided was on CNN.  I provided it because I was horrified and in some ways felt it was yet another tragic screaming cry to wake up as women.  It appeared the link was removed or moved, but we then found it again with the help of a blogger who posted a comment to our piece.

I went back and forth as to whether to delete the link.  Deleting it would not erase that it happened and people stood by and watched.  But the thought of viewing the atrocity, the mere fact that it could be recorded, that it does occur became overwhelming.  I don’t know what’s right, I don’t know if the link should remain or not, for now, it is off of the post.  Below is the original post. You can read an updated link to the story on News Yahoo.

A link to the story on Care to Connect is listed below at the end of this post.

Original Post

I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it…………… kids have been brave enough to do in front of their peers, Stand Up & Speak Out, we must do. There must be a way.

This young girl’s crime was to “love”. Do you get it? To love, the basis of every damn religion proscribed, ok, maybe there are some I don’t know of that espouse hate, but she loved.

Did you see her, this beautiful human being?

And to think when I was on the way home from work all I could think was if we could just leave the “children” alone, if we could simply let their innocence and pure wisdom blossom, there would be a chance for humanity. If we could just not brainwash them into the dictates of society.

And now?

Now this?

Are you kidding me?

How evil can we get? To kill because someone, a child, a child, dared to love.

I can’t even stand to be in my own skin, living in this world where we encourage it…and yes, we do…we do when women can’t even be elected to the highest office in the “most free” country, and I love this country, I love America and as much as I struggle with suppressing ego, my ego does reign when I truly and freely say: I love being an American. I won the lottery of birth.

Yet, as a woman, that was once a girl, and now plays in a man’s world, I see the limitations, but I also see the possibilities. But what possibilities can there be in a country that kills its young for loving?

I like to close my eyes to violence. I won’t watch “scary” movies, I think they are incredibly stupid to put out that negative message, that imagery, to people that can’t help themselves because they are that damaged by this world and will think it is the right thing to do, to hurt others.

Have I made myself clear?

I find it unacceptable to hurt others. Period.

Watch the video.  A 17 year old girl in Iraq, ignored “local custom”. Security forces looked on, she was dragged from her home, they STONED her, people stood by and watched. Did you see how beautiful she is? People sat with cell phones and took pictures.

An honor killing.

What God does anyone believe in that thinks God would want a child killed?


Not GOD.

She was a baby in this world, dragged from her home, adults, ADULTS, standing by watching.

What will it take for any of us to wake up?

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