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GMOs Cause More Problems than Solutions

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

As advances are made in science and biotechnology, the more the human race begins to dabble in an arena that should solely belong to Mother Nature by developing genetically engineered food. (more…)

Where Telecommunications is Going – and Why

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Today’s telecommunication technologies reflect a basic thought trend: I don’t want to talk to you unless I have time to. Although harsh, this idea actually makes the most sense in today’s world, where time is money. (more…)

China’s Green Power

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009


New York Times: Green China Rising

Life Created By The Hands of Man vs. GOD. Is there a difference?

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

I have been giving this question some thought ever since my daughter shared with me an article describing the work of researchers at the Scripps Research Institute who created molecules that self-replicate, evolve and compete to win or loose.” (more…)

The Google Search

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

I was wondering, and am still wondering, how we shape our answers.

I tried to figure out if there is a way to out fox myself.  If I could pose my question in such a way that I could trick myself, then maybe I might find a different answer.

The way we post questions creates our world.  It is difficult to get beyond our own perception.  We may try to trace the origin of our perception, i.e. childhood, to find out where it has gone from there, but we then still move forward from the same point of origin.

I think, maybe, I am understanding the idea of the empty vessel.

This is a difficult subject.

Let me start again.

I am trying to express something that to me goes beyond words.

It began with a thought I had, every time I do a search for answers, a Google search, a search in the book store, a search by queries, verbally to people I meet in alleged real-time, my subconscious has already framed the questions to find a channel of answers.

The question then becomes, how do I get beyond myself to reach the pure channel of information or am I already in it?  As long as I have this other, this human self, that speaks for me, thinks for me, writes for me…will I ever truly know what lies beyond my own sphere of perception?

Namaste!  Thanks for the fireside chat.

The confinement of Knowledge & Life beyond Earth

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Knowledge as defined by Merriam-Webster online includes the awareness of something, being familiar with something and the cognition of facts.

Many times, if things do not fall within our knowledge, we automiatically presume the “things” to not be true or to not exist.  Funny, isn’t it?

Would it not be just as easy to presume that what we don’t know may have as great of a chance of existing as not exisisting?

For instance, why is the idea of life beyond our known Earthly world so hard for many to fathom?

Today, it takes headlines because a well known, much followed former Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, publicly speaks that the government has been covering up the existence of other life forms for at least six decades.



What seems more shocking to me is that we could honestly believe that we are the only living beings, race of people/intelligent life/etc. in the vast unknown of space.

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Thoughts on an otherwise aimless day

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Belief Net: Orbs?


Friday, November 9th, 2007

Why do we work so hard to keep our eyes closed?

That’s what I thought when I read an article on CNN regarding a former Governor speaking out about his experience.  Now, because it is a politician, it grabs attention, not because a politician is more credible, simply due to the fact that one speaks out at all on anything that could cause a loss of votes.

CNN, The Governor & the UFO 

Quantum Teleportation

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

“…quantum teleportation involves the transmission not of actual matter, but rather of information.”

Hmmm, does that mean our “information” would then be duplicated or does it mean that we are only “information” in essence?

And what of the “classical teleportation” so integral to the adventures of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Harry Potter? Will there ever come a time when actual people, rather than just the particles of which they are made up, will be able to beam from one place to another?

Charles Bennett believes that, in principle at least, it is perfectly feasible to teleport humans without violating any of the fundamental laws of physics. Not only that, but, also in principle, it could be done without resorting to the complexities of quantum entanglement.”

Now we’re talking!!!

Go to the source of the quotes above, not only may you find it fascinating but there is also a cool picture of our Star Trek friends………………

You know, Padre Pio was able to bi-locate……………………..


Laptops: give and get?

Monday, September 24th, 2007

BBC News reports

Partial news story follows…

“$100 laptop’ to sell to public

By Jonathan Fildes
Science and technology reporter, BBC News

Students at a school in Nigeria

Computer enthusiasts in the developed world will soon be able to get their hands on the so-called “$100 laptop”.
The organisation behind the project has launched the “give one, get one” scheme that will allow US residents to purchase two laptops for $399 (£198).

One laptop will be sent to the buyer whilst a child in the developing world will receive the second machine

The G1G1 scheme, as it is known, will offer the laptops for just two weeks, starting on the 12 November.

The offer to the general public comes after the project’s founder admitted that concrete orders from the governments of developing nations had not always followed verbal agreements

Nicholas Negroponte told the New York Times: “I have to some degree underestimated the difference between shaking the hand of a head of state and having a cheque written.

“And yes, it has been a disappointment.”

Walter Bender, head of software development at One Laptop per Child (OLPC), told the BBC News website: “From day one there’s been a lot of interest expressed in having some way of people in the developed world participate in the programme.”


Thursday, May 31st, 2007

“Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others’, or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are.'”

To be updated at a later date, for now, it speaks for itself.



Vatican and Science Agree on Miracle!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

It is reported that “The Vatican and Science agree on a miracle”. The title caught our eye reading the Sunday edition of the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

A meeting of the minds?

A point of commonlity targeting simple truth?

The news reports on a miracle prganancy. In Brazil, a woman was deemed unable to carry a baby due to a wall of tissue diving her uterus. Grossi de Almeida carried her baby boy in a space half the size of an ordinary uterus, and at seven months, he was delivered by Caesarean section.


Free Republic online

News Saints Faith Web online

The mom claims the miracle of her son’s birth is attributable to a “paper pill”, wrich had a prayer written upon it. Now the 18th century Franciscan monk, Antonio de Sant’Anna Galvao, is proclaimed a saint by the Vatican. This was one of two proved miracles needed for the creator of the prayer pill to be canoized a saint on May 11th.

The pill is claimed to have cured thousands in Brazil. The pill has a prayer:

“After the birth, the Virgin remained intact / Mother of God, intercede on our behalf.”

The pills are made in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where local women reportedly get together every afternoon in a room above a cathedral. It is also noted that the pills are made by cloistered nuns at the Convent of Light in Sau Paulo.

In the Star-Ledger version of the story it was written that “believers” take these pill. Miracle healings cannot always be proven. There is a growing trend of thought that the healing which occurs rests in part in the faith of the one asking for divine help. It is tricky to term it that way, because no one wants to blame a person in pain, i.e. you would have received a miracle if you could have just believed a bit stronger.

Science can in fact meet faith it appears.

Other interesting sources and articles on the power of faith and healing:

Dr. Willard Fuller

Ron Wilding: absent healing

Energy Field Therapy

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

Update-Gambia & Dream & Aids Cure

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

We’ve been surfing the net for updates on the state of the people in Gambia who have decided to proceed with the “dream cure”.

Funny enough, the news has dropped off since March 17 and 18 of this year.

We will keep looking, but if anyone has some updates, please feel free to post in response.

We are a non-judgmental site, but beware, by that, we don’t mean we welcome posts of those out to be in a bad mood, or those who haven’t walked an inch in another’s shoes.



Freedom Newspaper

United News

The Universe for Dummies………..or the Dark Universe

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

I find articles pitting Science against God amusing.

Perhaps because I am simple minded.

Perhaps because I figure, Science doesn’t know what is out there so why should the mere word “Science” obliterate God?

Suppose in the end there is no difference?

For more fascinating thoughts, albeit a bit more complex,

See the New York Times Sunday Magazine

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