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The Laws of Attraction continued…

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Do the Laws of Attraction shift depending on where you are?

The best and most pure answer is “no”, a resounding “no”, because the Laws of Attraction are just that, tools to drive beyond the present. Now, some may argue with my characterization, that the Laws of Attraction are in fact steeped within the now, that when you speak of it as attracting the future, you forego where you stand.

That is relevant and to be further discussed at another time, but, I am more interested in WHO you are when you attempt to invoke the Laws of Attraction.

Can the theory in fact work no matter who you are, which is the same as saying, no matter where you stand?

If I stand within a burning building with the perception of away out, people I love around me, does it give both me and them a bridge? Is it like what Doby can do when he dissipates in the Harry Potter series? Are there different levels of magic/magik depending on what species you are, in other words, where you stand?

I don’t know. I question though because I am fascinated with the subject. I am also fascinated with the Oneness Movement, for many reasons, but primarily, because if you believe its power, it has the ability no matter where you stand or who you are to elevate you nonetheless.

Yet, it seems to have an ingredient: what is it you hold in your heart for yourself? Do you truly want to ascend?

Again, the strength of awakening, of miracles becoming ordinary, appears to come hand in hand with the strength of faith, or perhaps for those of us who waver despite overt signs, the ability to give it up anyway.

Thanks ToBeMe for inspiring this line of thought.

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