BBC is currently being rocketed to the spotlight in a recent investigation over a popular host named ‘Jimmy Savile’ when over 300 victims came forward. Why the BBC is under investigation is because all of the sexual assaults were committed on BBC grounds. Not only have victims of Savile come forward within the last three weeks but others have said that well known celebrities had also committed such acts. Savile having been knighted by the Queen for his contribution to charity and being a DJ soon turned TV host during the 1970’s thru the 1980’s, had next to nothing known about his personal life.
How these allegations came to the forefront was when rival television station ITV and chief George Entwistle started talking about how he had been damaged by the scandal.
The BBC has taken it into their hands to prepare who they should arrest in these crimes, whether they were involved or had any tie to knowing that behind closed doors this was occurring. Will this effect the followers of the BBC or even the reputation? More than likely it will because since Entwistle since he took over one of the most important roles in British Media, a lawmaker has even said against him that his performance in parliament was “lamentable.”
So far the BBC has shut down the investigation since Savile died last year, but its the fact that Entwistle went before parliament to explain why they had decided to close down the investigation.
In my personal opinion this investigate should continue until they find the people that are still around and are still out there, since this is a decades long crime. Someone should be responsible, maybe the BBC itself. Since an officer back in the 1980’s actually took it upon his own to investigate Jimmy Savile but said he did not have enough evidence against him to prosecute.
It just seems this whole situation has become so out of hand and even the effect of the media trying to seep it under the rug can’t begin to happen because their are simply too many people involved but it seems that they are trying to do so in the first place.
But thankfully police have taken over and have decided to make arrests over this “tsunami of filth” that is rocking the television airwaves.