The Plan and the Man

Paul Ryan

Fiscal conservatives around the country are turning cartwheels since the Saturday announcement that Congressman Paul Ryan – author of the Ryan Plan – is to be Mitt Romney’s running mate. When you think about it, there could be no better man for the job.


Paul Ryan has often been called one of the Republican Party’s most influential policy-makers and is one of the darlings of the Tea Party movement. Paul Ryan, currently serving his seventh term in Congress and has distinguished himself as a fiscal hawk who has been representing the same district in Wisconsin since he was 27-years old. He currently chairs the House Budget Committee – where he and his committee members have faithfully met their constitutionally responsibilities by producing a Federal Budget each of the past three years as is required by law. However, not since Barack Obama and Harry Reid took office has one of those budgets been allowed come to the floor of the Senate for a vote.


Allow me to emphasize that fact. The Republicans in congress have supplied a budget for each of the past four years. The Democrats have refused to bring those budgets to a vote in spite of the laws which require them to do so. Not only do they not have an economic plan, they won’t consider the ones they’ve been offered.


Perhaps the best thing about Paul Ryan, apart from his genius in solving financial conundrums, seems to be the fact that if Barack Obama and the Democrats are FOR it, Paul Ryan isn’t. (One of Paul Ryan’s most memorable speeches took place at the outset of the President’s congressional summit in late February of 2010 on the subject of Obamacare, wherein Paul Ryan refuted the bills fuzzy accounting and obviously deliberate attempts to hide costs calling the proposed legislation “…a Ponzi scheme Bernie Madoff would be proud of.”)


The Paul Ryan Plan cuts tax rates in order to stimulate the economy and addresses full-on the problems with entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid – a step not even the boldest partisan on either side seems willing to take


The Ryan Plan, which he offered to the American people billed as A Pathway to Prosperity does the following:


  • Cuts government spending by five trillion over the next ten years
  • Offers an alternative voucher program to Medicare which down the line, will allow seniors to choose to choose and buy their own medical insurance if they wish. The Ryan Plan also adds special ‘buffers’ for those with low incomes or higher health risks
  • The Ryan Plan overhauls Medicaid by turning the program into a block-grant to the individual states
  • Cut corporate tax rates from 35% to 25%
  • Implement just  two income brackets – 10% and 25%
  • Divert the $55 million in military defense cuts scheduled for 2013 by making cuts elsewhere
  • Reduce the size of government to 20% of Gross Domestic Product by 2015


The Saturday announcement that Paul Ryan will run with Mitt Romney against Barack Obama and Joe Biden, has been met with overwhelming support by conservatives however, liberals seem less supportive of the Romney/Ryan ticket.


The Obama camp has worked hard over the past months to keep Americans distracted from this administration’s dismal economic record. The Obama camp spends time and resources pointing to Mitt Romney’s success and his wealth saying he is not able to connect with the American people. Lately, Team Obama has even stooped to accusing Romney of essentially causing the death of a woman who was the wife of  Joe Soptic who died after Soptic lost his job and his health insurance. (Even though her death was long years after Soptic lost his insurance and his job.)


Liberals are panicking over the Paul Ryan choice for one simple reason. You see, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a plan to restore this great nation.


Now Obama will have to put his own plan on the table to be compared with the Paul Ryan Plan. Now you’ll either have to put up or shut up, Mister President.