Obama Moves to Restrict

Military Vote in Swing State

In what appears to be a blatant effort to restrict the military vote during the upcoming November election, Barack Obama joined with the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democrat Party in mid-July in filing a lawsuit which will, according to Jon Husted, Ohio’s Secretary of State, create a situation in which Ohio voters who are serving in the military service are prevented from exercising their right to take part in the election process.


In the Buckeye State and others, active military personnel have historically been allowed extra time in which to vote. This practice is in place in order to provide protection and not restrict the military vote. Under the new laws, which the Obama campaign and Democrat committee’s claim to be unconstitutional, service personnel would continue to enjoy extra time in which to cast a ballot.


Obama and his minions assert that the current law, a new set of uniform standards recently passed by Ohio’s Republican legislature and signed into law by Republican Governor John Kasich, serve to treat some voters differently than others in that the laws do not restrict the military vote to the same days and hours as other citizens who are not serving their country.


According to Husted, Ohio voting laws were previously grossly inconsistent. Before the new statutes went into effect, the rules for early voting were entirely dependent upon decisions made by individual counties. The new election laws provide a much-needed uniformity and cut off early balloting on the Friday before the election for all but Military personnel. Husted says the new changes allow election officials the time between Friday and Monday as time to make certain voter polls and record books are in order before the Tuesday general election.


Husted claims that should Team Obama prevail it will not only take away a necessary dispensation which has long been afforded to active service members because of the nature of their duty, it will also serve to unfairly restrict the military vote and disenfranchise an unacceptable number of military personnel – votes known historically to favor the Republican candidate.


However, because the Federal Government has always treated the votes of military personnel differently than others, Ohio says there is no violation of the constitution associated with allowing extra time to process military votes. Instead, they claim that to restrict the military vote to the same hours and days as other, non-military personnel, would create a hardship and unduly restrict the military vote.


Some republicans are crying foul, calling this latest move to restrict the military vote a study in hypocrisy and election manipulation.


The Obama administration has recently been very vocal and extremely critical of voting restrictions and what they claim to be voter suppression efforts by Republicans in states which have passed Voter Identification laws. Attorney General Eric Holder and other Democratic leaders say that to require picture ID at polling places makes it difficult for the poor and old to cast their ballots. The poor and the old are known to consistently vote for the Democrat candidate.


The opposition camp considers it to be abundantly inconsistent and highly suspect that the Obama campaign now seeks to restrict the military vote in critical swing states like Ohio where the President must win if he is to enjoy a second term. Republicans contend that a big military – read;  pro Romney – turnout by military personnel could seal the deal on an Obama loss. To unduly restrict the military vote could have exactly the opposite result.


Cynical politic-watchers bid Americans to expect similar moves to restrict the military vote in other swing states including Virginia, South Carolina, Colorado and Florida where wins are critical if Obama is to win a second term.


That Team Obama seeks to restrict the military vote in Ohio flies in the face of the Democrat Party’s recent disingenuous support of the sacred right of every American to cast a ballot.