An Adventure in Space and Time

The beginning of Doctor Who

Now since the world has been on a science kick since we saw the Command Room from NASA go crazy as “Curiosity,” landed on Mars. I’d like to stick with this mind bending philosophy of science which happens to involve the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who.”
For those of you who have no idea what Doctor Who is or even know how long the show has been on (since November of 1963) I’ll tell you why next year marks a celebration of exactly where does “The Doctor,” come from. The fact that this show can still be running today based on brilliant plot lines, the ecstatic characters and all around nature of how human beings react to something not of their own world, is closely marveled at through the various showrunners, the current being Steven Moffat. Who when he was a child became not only engrossed but obviously saw his own life being marked behind the camera.
The 90 minute special will be announcing who they have casted next year and filming will progress from there. Mark Gatiss penned the film with Steven Moffat, who has been featured in not only Doctor Who but Moffat’s other appraised winning television show Sherlock.
Not only are we going to receive a prequel to the ‘mad man with a box’ and how it all started. But season seven of Doctor Who will start back up this Autumn and continue into next year. With the beloved characters of Amy and Rory Pond existing the show since appearing in the very beginning of season five for a ‘heartbreaking’ leave. It has been with the last reincarnation of the Doctor who is played by Matt Smith. That has garnered a larger audience, especially those of us that had no idea what or who…ironically Doctor Who was. Until America had begun to recognize the absolute brilliant nature of the writing and acting of the show; with plot twists that have been going on for a number of episodes to duels of the deadliest kind that have been raging for decades. Doctor Who has created some of the most memorable characters in television history and it even turned an old Police Telephone box into something extraordinary.
And I would like to take the time to say to my fellow ‘whovians’ that this hasn’t only just been a show. But an imaginative world that you can’t help but want to be a part of and when the time comes for Doctor Who to make his exist, hopefully he’ll find some way to return. Because we all know the Doctor is a few steps ahead of everyone else, hopefully he’s got something up his sleeve that will surprise us all, then again the Doctor has never let us down.

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