America’s Women Gymnastic Team

Who’s Gabby Douglas?

With the London Olympics kicking off in a high style fashion this year and well under way; everyone tends to know at least a few names that have won Olympic medals or even a few newcomers. But this year I believe, belongs to sixteen-year-old Gabby Douglas. Not only have the American Woman’s Gymnastic team been waiting to win the gold since 1996. But two competitors this year, Gabrielle Douglas and Aly Raisman have qualified for the woman’s all around medal against two extremely prominent Russia stars.
The night were the reigning United States Woman’s Gymnast Team won their gold, they were up against Russia who seemingly at the time looked as if the night before they had a better hand on things. Their strengths just so happened to be the weakness of the U.S and vice versa. And after witnessing Jordyn Wieber being bumped into 3rd after a sudden change of rules this year to only allowing two girls from each team to participate in the individual all around woman’s competition was heart breaking enough that the whole room seemed to quite down when they saw one of the world’s leading medalist break down. But even so she pulled together within a 72 hour period to perform one of her best routines on the balance beam and on floor exercises.
Along with Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney performing phenomenal on balance bar and especially in vault. With the fantastic five, a team so focused and having a certain type of mind set, it was nothing but smiles each and every time someone would finish there round only to be greeted by her team in a warm welcome of hugs. A true bond and family oriented trust has been shown through these few crucial days.
With a bunch this young showing everyone that you can get started as early as you can to achieve your dream, to race after something that you can’t seem to shake off. And that ultimately age has no difference as long as your heart is in the right place. When that room erupted as Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas and then Aly Raisman danced their way to victory on the floor routine, into a fit of whistles and applause. It had definitely without question; the show had become about them and every other team could only look on in amazement.
Unlike the rest of the girls Gabby Douglas had to grow up more quickly since her move from Virginia Beach, Virginia to West Des Moines, Iowa to pursue her gymnastics career. She was only fourteen when her coach Liang Chow who had been the former coach of another great Olympian Medalist Shawn Johnson (who ended up training next to Gabby) wanted to train Gabby and ultimately it would be the young girl’s decision that held her fate. Initially her older sister was the one that asked their mother to place Gabby in gymnastic at age six. Maybe she knew from some sort of perspective that Gabby would have the ‘heart of gold’ that everyone cheers for. What is an unusual twist of surprise is that through the years no matter how hard the economy has fallen or if in general the world becomes too much; we all tend to group together to rally behind one person that shows greatness and strength. I just think no one was expecting it to be a sixteen-year-old but what is wonderful about Gabby is the fact that you want to see her succeed. You back her up the entire time without default, maybe it’s her bright smile and that pure childlike wonderment that shines through. Now Gabby has two gold medals under her belt. Whatever it is and all we know is this girl has a talent and at this young she can remain in the game for a long time to come now. Who knows what she’s going to bring in 2016.