TomKat’s Divorce Facts

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been with us for many years in both television and movies. They are beloved by the world and when they became engaged and tied the knot we were thrilled! Now this fantastic couple are calling it quits and here are the facts behind the divorce.
Katie was the one that sprung the divorce while Cruise was filming abroad in Iceland. A rep for Cruise stated that he was “deeply saddened” by the separation.
What caused Katie to file for the divorce? SCIENTOLOGY!
The couple couldn’t decide on the amount of involvement their daughter Suri should have in the church. Cruise believes in Scientology while Holmes, who was raised Catholic, converted to Scientology before the two were wed. Suri is now old enough to participate in a practice of Scientology called “sec checking.”
It has been reported that Holmes has filled for full parental custody of Suri and full residential custody as well. The couple resides together in California but she filed for the divorce in New York because the courts in New York are well known for not granting split custody of a child in cases of feuding. It is also speculated that Katie has a secret apartment in New York that she rented.
Tom Cruise also seems to have bad luck with women and a magic number called 33.
Cruise has gone through three different splits with Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and now Katie Holmes. How old were the women at this time? 33! Coincidence?
As far of the prenup situation, it is reported that Katie will be receiving 3 million dollars each year of the divorce. Holmes is also entitled to her house in Montecito. As to child support for Suri, that’s all guess work for now.