Mitt Romney’s Financial Secrets:

Bain Capital, Off Shore Bank Accounts, Oh My!

There seems to be a never- ending, soap opera- like saga unfolding regarding Mitt Romney’s finances and connections to Bain Capital. As we all know by now, Mitt Romney headed up Bain Capital, and, during his time there, focus was shifted from acquiring new companies to, instead, acquiring established, but financially troubled, companies and generating capital from the outsourcing of American jobs to countries such as India and China that have much lower wage rates. As if this weren’t enough in these troubled economic times, the date on which Mitt Romney actually cut his ties to Bain Capital is now being called into question.
According to The Boston Globe and SEC filings, Romney owned Bain Capital in its entirety in 2002, while earning no less than $100,000 as an “executive” in 2001 and 2002. Furthermore, that number does not include personal investments.
Of course, the Romney campaign is disputing these reports, insisting that, as of February 1999, Mitt Romney was no longer involved with Bain Capital. This is, of course, necessary, and, if it is proven that he is lying about his exit date, the consequences could be a whole lot more dire than political trouble. He could be charged with a white collar felony for falsifying this information on federal disclosure forms. So, in other words, Mitt Romney has every reason in the world to insist that the SEC filings are absolutely false, whether that is the case or not.
The situation with Bain Capital, from the outsourcing of jobs to the possible lying about his exit date from the company raises many questions about just who Mitt Romney is and what his intentions are for the people of the United States of America (as if there weren’t already enough questions about this man). Even if Mitt Romney and his campaign are not lying about his exit date, do we really have any reason to believe a word the man or anyone in his camp says at this point? In my mind, the answer to that question is a resounding “NO!”
Bain Capital is just one reason the American people should never trust our country in the hands of Mitt Romney. His dealings at Bain Capital show that he is in no way concerned about jobs for the American people, as the economic recession simply does not have a negative effect on someone like him; in fact, quite the opposite. Over and over, Mitt Romney has shown that the recession yielded significant profits for him, and, furthermore, if it continues to only tread water rather than show real recovery during the rest of President Obama’s current term, there are political gains from the suffering of the average American as well. While, on principle, and, certainly, by law, the date that Mitt Romney left Bain Capital is relevant, it is just one piece of a puzzle to a man with many secrets, most of them financial.
Another piece to the puzzle beyond Bain Capital is Mitt Romney’s personal finances. It is now common knowledge that, until very recently, Mitt Romney had personal cash kept in Swiss bank accounts to avoid paying taxes, a common practice of the ultra rich who wish to keep taxable income off American soil. Again, with these actions, Mitt Romney shows that he is not for the American people, but for his own personal profit. Mitt Romney’s wealth and connections have long been a way for him to be above the rules of the average citizen, and that is something that continues to this day. His bid for the White House is not for the American people, but for himself, to further fulfill his dreams of the ultimate position of wealth and power, nothing more. To believe otherwise is to turn a blind eye to all the things this man has done that are horridly detrimental to the American people, as well as his complete disconnect from anything surrounding the life of the average American citizen.
The actions at Bain Capital and the possible lies about when he left the company are just the tip of the iceberg with regards to just how many financial secrets are being kept by Mitt Romney and his campaign. Personally, at this point, with the pioneering of the outsourcing of American jobs, his off shore bank accounts, and his possible lies about his time at Bain Capital, I just do not see how anyone can believe that Mitt Romney cares about anything or anyone but Mitt Romney. We know nothing about the man, and all that we are finding out points to him being, quite, possibly, the most dangerous choice ever for the White House.