Meet Georgia’s Newest Democrat Leader

Ku’Wonna Ingram

This city of the Deep South stretches languidly along the riverbanks of the Chattahoochee River. A tropical climate feeds the green on undulating hills and in lush valleys; it was home to the confederates. Its populace was a major supplier and spiritual support to the soldiers in grey. The long Civil War between the unions honed a rich spirit that is Columbus Georgia. Two hundred years of heart felt pride has shaped and forged the salvation of her ethos, and etched the face of the communities’ character. Named after Christopher Columbus, Columbus Georgia is a city fed by one of the most vibrant and beautiful natural resources in America, the Chattahoochee River.
During the 1990’s Columbus, like most of Georgia, experienced a physical as well as a socio-economic metamorphosis. This has resulted in an evolution of a new generation of political and economic leadership. The change in demographics has also created a disparity in women legislators. New female leadership has stepped up to fulfill that chasm. Native born Ku’Wonna Mahone Ingram is part of the new political genre of women. On July 31, 2012, Ku’Wonna Ingram hopes to fulfill the first step to becoming a brilliant promise as a political front-runner. She is running for the job of State Representative in District 137 in Columbus Muscogee county Georgia. In keeping with the social contracts created by Democrats who came before, Mrs. Ingram has adopted as her own the argument that fulfilling the demands of the populace breeds success. She is motivated to provide for the growing needs of the many, with an overwhelming focus for those with the greatest need. For her the answers to rectify a struggling community including her state must start with forging a climate that addresses the basic building blocks, an educated labor force and greater utilizations of natural resources. The quickest and most efficient means of growing any economy is with a strongly supported education reform and the employment of natural resources to attract established and new commerce.
Mrs. Ingram, “I believe GA can capitalize on its natural resources, and tourist attractions to attract businesses. Our counties need to show more benefits to relocating their businesses and show how it’s a win-win for all the stakeholders. I also believe that the mandate of OBAMACARE will also stimulate our economy with bringing in more technical and healthcare jobs. Unfortunately, many of the rural counties don’t even have adequate medical care, neither can they afford it. Many are forced to choose between eating and getting their prescriptions filled.”
Mrs. Ingram, “My thought of the school system of GA is one that needs to be improved. I believe we need a strong and unified board who are concerned about the betterment of the students of all ages. Our students must be able to compete in the workforce, earning a decent living, striving for the American dream.”
An alumnus of Buffalo State College, with a MS in Community Psychology from Troy State University, She began earning a rich political bona fetes as Campaign Manager for Councilor Jerry “Pop” Barnes for six years. Assisting this well-known community leader encouraged her aggressive leadership skills. Those skills were honed and a supreme community organizer was shaped. The ability to respond successfully to grass roots’ concerns has created in Mrs. Ingram a unique understanding of what is needed most in this changing socio-economic environment. She has the tools to apply the fix to help the growing Columbus community excel. An Ordained Minister who serves as an Associate Minister at World Changes Tabernacle, Ku’Wonna Mahone Ingram is also a mother of four: DeMario (Tamika), Rameerah, Rischarda, & Richard. She is married to former professional baseball player, Garey Ingram. Her personal biography bespeaks clearly the female leadership needed to bring Columbus Georgia into the present. Her role models are the 66th United States Secretary of State Condelezza Rice, the 67th United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.
In 2010, Georgia’s total GSP or Gross State Product was $403.1 billion. If Georgia were a sovereign state, it would occupy 28th place among the world’s largest economies. Yet it can only boast of having a mere 23.7% of females serving as legislators in a 236 seat male dominated House and Senate. Mrs. Ingram faces the additional head winds of a conservative sub-party, known as the “Dixiecrats” and a reactive state government. As a woman, Ku’Wonna Ingram will not only influence her community with extraordinary leadership and an agenda created to serve, she enters as a pioneer as well. She understands that in setting the stage for reform in Columbus, a new tone in politics and economic success will sweep statewide.
Mrs. Ingram, My desire is to represent the people and helping to make GA a better place to live and work for all of us. That can only happen with fresh and innovative leaders who are not afraid to take the requests of the people to the state capitol. I don’t have all of the answers and I know it won’t happen overnight, but I believe having the willingness to stand out and be the voice for the voiceless is imperative for a better tomorrow. Your voice must be heard.”
A history of liberal social activism and politics has delivered the country’s first African American president and the prospects of a general reelection. Yet the persistence of structural unemployment in the city of Columbus in addition to crushing poverty, has issued a mandate to Mrs. Ingram. The old politics of Georgia hatched political leaders like Newt Gingrich and “Dixiecrat” President Jimmy Carter. As a result, support for her party’s leader, President Barack Obama will not be an easy lift. Amongst the few lie remnants of “Right Wing’ brinkmanship that recently threatened succession from the Union and a few stout hearts that believe that the end of the Civil War wasn’t truly resolved. In addition, there are counties that border Muscogee that are among the top 10 poorest in the nation; where a disproportionate number of children receive their only two meals of the day at school. Mrs. Ingram’s brand of leadership is needed…. demanded.
“My strengths are that I have a can do it spirit. There is always a plan B. I am very accessible and I care. I believe that my service to the public via social services, along working with the mentally ill has allowed me to be in the trenches with every day people. I have first-hand information from the citizens about what they want and need to make their lives better.”
~Ku’Wonna Mahone Ingram~