Justin Bieber

Is Too Loud?!

Stacey Wilson Betts took her daughter to a Justin Bieber concert back in July 2010 and is now suing Justin Bieber for hearing loss! She is currently suffering from hearing loss, severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hyperacusis (oversensitivity to sound) in both ears from the show. She is suing J Biebs for 9.2 million dollars because of the damage she received from the show!
According to the documents that were filed on Wednesday, she claimed that “due to an unforeseen aspect of the show”, she was injured by a sound blast that “exceeded safe decibel levels.”
The alleged incident occurred when Justin climbed into a heart shaped gondola that proceeded to be pulled out over the crowd. This created a wavelike effect of screaming that enticed the crowd to continue screaming by his encouragement.
Due to Justin Bieber, the promoters and the sound engineer’s negligence who are “responsible to maintain safe decibels at all times during these events”, the steel gondola acted as a sound conductor and created a sound blast that ended up permanently damaging both of Betts’ ears.
However, Betts is not only suing Bieber, but the label that he is signed to! She is also suing the concert promotor in the arena at the time of the show for “loss of quality of life and permanent disability and impairment to both of my ears”, Betts commented.
Bieber’s rep has yet to make any comment on this subject.