June Jobs Report: A Time for Romney to Gloat?

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for days for the June jobs report, which was released the morning of July 6th, 2012. With jobs and the election being the cornerstone of the election, and, particularly, the Romney campaign, these numbers are important. Unfortunately for the Obama Administration and Democrats around the nation, the June jobs report was not as promising of an indication of economic recovery as we would have liked. With just four months until the 2012 Presidential election, it is imperative that each month’s jobs report show substantial growth in job creation and economic recovery.
While the June jobs report showed that the country is, overall, merely treading water when it comes to cold, hard, numerical facts with regards to job creation, with just 84,000 jobs created in the month of June, what the numbers don’t relay is the reason for the sluggish recovery. That reason is the fact that Republicans in Congress blocked the President’s jobs creation bill, the American Jobs Act.
It is a very telling report each month, the jobs report. It reports, in numerical terms anyone could understand, just how many jobs were created in the previous month, and what kind of continuing economic recovery we, the American people, can expect in the next month’s jobs report. However, it rarely tells the reasoning behind the numbers that are reported in the jobs report each month.
The American Jobs Act was a new approach to economic recovery and jobs creation, and, had it been given a chance, I firmly believe that the jobs report for not just June, but for all months would have seen stead, substantial improvement. Of course, the Romney campaign wasted no time in blaming President Obama for this month’s disappointing jobs report, while conveniently neglecting to mention the fact that President Obama had already introduced ideas and legislation that would bring the numbers in the jobs report for not just June, but coming months, up to more acceptable levels. In fact, he seemed to not only ignore the issue of the American Jobs Act, but to use the numbers from the jobs report from the month of June to take a victory lap at the expense of the Obama camp.
`This brings to mind a question: Could the Romney campaign be secretly glad that the June jobs report was not as promising as expected? After all, Mitt Romney has one thing in mind right now: getting into the Oval Office. Anything that is bad news for the American people under the Obama Administration translates to good news for Mitt Romney, particularly anything concerning jobs, since that is the issue that he is running his campaign on. A good jobs report for any month between now and the November 2012 Presidential election translates to very bad news for the Romney campaign, particularly with the black cloud that is the Bain Capital outsourcing scandal hanging over its head. A sluggish jobs report does two things for Mitt Romney: it makes Barack Obama look bad in the area of economic recovery, and it takes the spotlight off of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital outsourcing.
This is why the American people cannot allow the jobs report numbers to give them amnesia about Mitt Romney’s dealings at Bain Capital and his penchant for outsourcing American jobs. We need to remember that it was Republicans in the House of Representative who blocked the American Jobs Act, which could have created many jobs, more swift economic recovery, and, thus, better numbers for the jobs report in June and in the coming months. We must remember what the agenda is for the Republican Party: get Barack Obama out of office. It is not creating jobs or helping middle class Americans. Mitt Romney is glad to see staggering numbers in the jobs report for June and beyond, because it makes people think that Barack Obama has no ideas to put them back to work. However, we must remember that he did have ideas to put Americans back to work,  but was not allowed to put said ideas into action. Mitt Romney is using this as a political plus for himself, because jobs and the economy are all he has to run on. The jobs report is not a reflection of Barack Obama’s abilities. It is a reflection of Republicans in Congress blocking him at every turn in order to get him out of office, even at the expense of the American people and our economy.