Imperial Proclamation

How an Obama Dictatorship Begins

Lately, we’ve seen several examples of Government by Imperial proclamation which have effectively done end-runs around our duly elected Legislative Branch of Government promoting lawlessness across the land. It seems that every day we see a new, unwarranted and downright sinister proclamation which has the potential to undermine the integrity of our republic.
These days we no longer deal swiftly with illegal aliens as Federal Law demands. On the contrary, since Barack Obama’s amnesty proclamation last month, we allow young undocumented immigrants to remain in this country because they came here through no fault of their own. But, we must also allow their parents to remain since deporting mom and dad would make Junior a ward of the State which would not be in keeping with the spirit of the proclamation.
The proclamations keep coming.
I learned this week that the United States Department of Agriculture, which is where programs like Food Stamps, or SNAP are administered, has been producing and airing television and radio “soap operas” which aim to de-stigmatize the use of food stamps among Hispanics. The content of “Happiness Park” as the series is known, encourages Spanish speaking listeners and viewers to run right out and get aboard the Food Stamp express. (The net result of this proclamation – that of the need to increase the food stamp rolls dramatically – can be seen in the unprecedented doubling of the food stamp rolls since the beginning of this administration.)
Since this new proclamation, we’ve not just rolled out the red carpet for illegal aliens, most of whom are of Hispanic ethnicity. The Obama food stamp proclamation has in it the potential to keep these struggling families here even in light of a dismal economy where jobs are few and far between. Perhaps a well-fed, healthier criminal is more apt to cast his ineligible (but likely, nevertheless) vote for the host of the dinner party – Obama himself.
It should be noted that a few days after the Daily Caller broke the Happiness Park story, the USDA’s Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and “Grow the Food Stamp Program Proclamation” was being scrapped. (At least to the extent that it’s above the radar of American taxpayers.)
“The American people support helping those in need, but they want to know their tax dollars are being spent wisely. Many of the PSAs and ads on the agency’s website were posted nearly 4 years ago and some of the content in these advertisements does not meet the standards of what I consider to be appropriate outreach,” Concannon told the Caller.
“To that end, I have instructed the agency to remove these materials from our website and to cease future production of advertisements. These funds could be better invested in improving our oversight of this critically-important program and that is exactly what I intend to do moving forward,”
If the program was a good and necessary one, why would it get scrapped almost immediately upon being “outed?” Is it possible that the Obama administration has finally begun to realize that the American people aren’t nearly as ignorant as His Imperial Highness thinks they are. We do pay attention and we’re not blind. Better to keep your goofy proclamations on the down low, Mister Dictator.
Another, and possibly even more sinister end run took place in a Thursday correspondence from Department of Health and Human Services Director, Kathleen Sebelius to welfare program directors across the nation making the proclamation of a newer, friendlier entitlement attitude.
If the phrase “The end of welfare as we’ve known it” rings a bell to you, it’s because that was precisely the result when then President Bill Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich hammered out a welfare reform deal back in Clinton’s second term which is known as the Welfare to Work program. The changes enjoyed bi-partisan support and have, in the years since they were adopted, provided upwardly mobile Welfare to Work participants motivation and inspiration to reach beyond the hind tit of government subsistence.
In Thursday’s letter, HHS Director Sebelius made the proclamation that the “Work” part of the Welfare to Work program was going to be essentially dismantled. Such a sweeping fiat was, we know, embraced by the White House as part of the “trap the poor and destitute plan.” This proclamation was accomplished, not by un-making and or revamping the Welfare to Work legislation, but rather another covert attempt by Imperial proclamation to garner votes using selective law enforcement as a tool.
I’m a proud American who is more than a little unsettled over this administration’s scofflaw behavior. In this country, if we don’t like the rules we change them. We Barack Obama and his minions, our Federal government looks less like a democratic system and more like a dictatorship.