Illegal Immigrants

In Israel

Illegal immigration is a sensitive issue, bringing in opinions which are diverse. “Let the immigrants die. Why not send them all back? They will help the economy. They will take our jobs. They are human beings like us.” Voices of all kinds are heard, when such an issue arises, voices of logic or insanity. Israel is placed in a sensitive territory. It would be interesting though, when examining the issue of illegal immigrants in Israel, to look at the momentum and together with that look back and forth in time.


At the moment certain questions arise:

Is Israel’s economy developing and needs new workers to work the physically hard and dirty jobs on a low wage? So, it could give to its citizens the most prestigious jobs? And would it be accepted by the society to have a huge influx of illegal immigrants if they simply did not help the Israelis improve their standard of living? And those illegal immigrants, would they enter Israel as their only choice or just because they hope they would get a job over here? Or since Israel accepted a part of them, who were actually desperate refugees, it helped the economy at first, but now as the economy lowers down its speed of growth it does not need more of them?


Such are the questions that regularly arise not only in Israel, but around the world, in different states and periods of time! That’s how the world moves on, nearly all nations have their portion of -illegal or not- immigrants and their portion of those who return to their lands till they immigrate once more. So the problem itself should not be identified as immigration (illegal or not), which seems as a natural flow of people around the world throughout the history. Should there be a problem at all with people moving from one place to another? The reply is definitely not.  And what will be in future, if a certain number of Israelis needs to migrate once more? Would not the newly illegal immigrants wish the reception counties to be nice to them, at least up to a certain degree?


The government of a country ought to primarily take care of the interest of its citizens. Therefore, what seems a fair solution is to let in less illegal immigrants than one’s economy needs – at the time of need-cause soon it will be the time that there is an excess of immigrants as the economy will shrink once more. That way, the society will not be let burn and the illegal immigrants will not be accused at times they are a surplus. Instead, a certain number of newly citizens (former illegal immigrants) will be absorbed and be seen as contributors to the society.  Walking down the streets of Israel, you will often hear people speak Hebrew and Arabic, but Russian as well. You can dig in and discover the diversity in each group of people inhabiting Israel. I myself though, have often sensed the invisible thread that correlates each single division of this State, looking into the eyes of a kid and those of his parents. That thread indeed includes everyone.


Israel due to dozens of reasons should not operate as a fully open and unrestricted economy. It should not decide on illegal immigrants cynically in terms of economic benefit. For as long as this is the case,Israel will need to be fair to everyone that inhabits it and take care of its society as a whole more than other countries do. Especially nowadays, it is clear to everyone that unrestricted, fully open operation economies, which cannot guarantee continuous progress, are facing deep problems in their society’s coherence. Others could claim that, at the expense of illegal immigrants, Israel gets a shield to guarantee society’s coherence. I doubt that! Anyhow, could anyone predict who the future illegal immigrants will be? It is left to the authorized ones to decide what the best for Israel and its citizens is. As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.