Adele’s Father Seeking


Adele has been missing an important part of her life for many years: her father! Now that she has come out to the world as being pregnant, her father wants back in! He’s insisting that he wants more than anything to be a part of her life as she becomes a mother.
Adele announced on June 12th that she was pregnant with her boyfriend Simon Konecki and it is reported that she is due in September.
Her father, Mark Evans, split from Adele’s mother when she was only three years old and after hearing the news from Adele’s grandmother, has been urging her to consider a reconciliation.
He told Britain’s Sunday Mirror that “Mom rang and said, ‘Mark, I’ve got some important news for you. Adele is expecting a child’. My first reaction was a surge of happiness for her. But as we chatted about how Adele had told her in person, it dawned on me that my daughter hadn’t wanted to tell me herself. My happiness for her turned to gloom because I realized I really was out of the picture as far as she is concerned.”
Her father will definitely have a tough time in reconciling with Adele since she has publicly proclaimed her anger about him airing his heart ache in the press.