The Trial of One of the Most Evil Men in History

The trial continues of Anders Breivik, the mass murderer who embarked on a killing spree on the 22nd of July, 2011. On that tragic day, Breivik orchestrated a bomb blast in Oslo in which eight people died. On the island of Utoya, he shot and killed 69 innocent teenagers.
Since the beginning of the trial, Breivik has shown a remarkable lack of remorse to the relatives of the victims. As prosecutors described in depth how each of his 77 victims met their death, a noticeable absence of emotion appeared on his face.  It appears therefore that Breivik has no remorse for his actions last year. He was also shown footage of the Oslo explosion but he continued to remain unaffected. On Juy 22nd, Breivik planted the car bomb in which eight people were killed. During the trial, the only shred of emotion from Breivik came when his vile, right-wing propaganda video was shown. Breivik wiped away tears and appeared distressed. The video was put together from stills and texts depicting his vision of the Islamisation of Europe.
It is clear that Breivik is taking immense pleasure from the world’s media attention during the trial. Many have argued that he is using the trial as a stage to promote his political beliefs. Breivik  has claimed that he belongs to an anti-Muslim militant group  which is inspired by mediaval crusadersHowever as he was giving his testimony, the Court did not allow part of his testimony to be shown live. Throughout the trial it has become apparent that Breivik takes pride in his appearance. He wears a dark suit and he has a neatly trimmed beard. As the prosecutors provide evidence of his actions, Breivik remains calm and collected and he often smiles.
Breivik has also claimed that he is also a victim. He stated that he is suffering as much as the bereaved families as he has had not contact with family and friends since the attacks last year. His comments angered the relatives as there lives have been torn apart because of his horrific actions. Breivik has since come under attack during the trial. The brother of one of the victims threw a shoe at Breivik and the trial had to be halted.
The key issue of the trial is to determine Breivik’s mental state. He has confessed to the charges but he rejects criminal guilt. Breivik has called his rampage on Utoya Island as ‘necessary’. He said that the innocent teenagers had betrayed their country by embracing immigration. Breivik has claimed that a psychiatric report which deemed him to be insane, was based on ‘evil fabrications’. If Breivik is found guilty and sane, he would be sentenced to 21 years in prison. However he can be held for longer if he is deemed to be a danger to society. On the other hand, if he is declared to be insane, he would be committed to compulsory psychiatric care.
The survivors of the massacre have shown a remarkable amount of courage. A number of survivors have given evidence of the trial.  Three described in detail as to how they escaped death by hiding under dead bodies. Others have described how Breivik shot at his victims as they tried to escape by swimming in the lake.  Although many of the survivors carry mental and physical scars, they have show immense bravery by giving evidence. In April, tens of thousands of Norwegians gathered outside the trial in Oslo to sing a Peeter Seeger’s ‘MyRainbow Race’. The song was chosen in response to Breivik’s accusation that ‘cultural Marxists’ were threatening Norwegian society. The peaceful demonstration sent a powerful message to Breivik that the people of Norway are closer than ever and that he will not cause any more pain.
On July 22nd last year, Breivik brought death and destruction to the quiet country of Norway. His terrible actions shocked the world and many innocent people lost their lives. Although it is unclear as to whether he will be deemed sane or insane, it is certain that Breivik should spend the rest of his life in prison. He has shown no remorse for his actions and he believes that his terrible actions were justified. As the survivors have shown, Breivik will never be able to destroy the bond that the people of Norway now share.