Snooki Nude Pictures Leaked!

We’ve all seen Snooki on the show Jersey Shore going after gorilla juiceheads and getting drunk at every bar in town. She’s part of many jokes that have been circulating the internet and most recently, she has announced that she is pregnant! The irony of the whole pregnancy situation is that the baby is due on December 21st 2012, the supposed day the world is supposed to end! Is the due date true, or just a publicity stunt? Well, Snooki is back and exposing her boobs and vagina all over the internet!


The photos were leaked a few days ago and feature Snooki groping her boobs in a bathrobe and exposing her womanly parts in front of a mirror! Before all of you guys get too scared, these were taken before she became pregnant with her fiance Jionni LaValle. In February of 2010, there were rumors of other nude pictures that were circulating the internet, but Snooki denied the accusations. Was it a hint of what was yet to come?


A rep told Us Weekly that “Clearly these are personal photos that were not meant for the public.” The rep also told Us Weekly that “It’s a shame someone decided to leak these photos for personal gain.”


Stars claim all the time that their phones were hacked into and that’s how their nude pictures were leaked…I believe that to just be an excuse! Every star is looking for a way to bump up their status in the world of entertainment. Why is it so shocking to believe that they actually released their nude pictures themselves? In the case of Snooki, with the way she broadcasts her private life on the television, it wouldn’t be surprising if she leaked the photos herself. Hence the quote on “personal gain.”


There are at least three nude pictures of Snooki circulating the internet as we speak. If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself!