Mary-Kate Olsen Dating A Much Older Man?!

We’ve all watched Full House on ABC Family. It starred the Tanner family (Danny, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle), along with Danny’s best friend Joey Gladstone and Danny’s brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis. One of the most iconic stars in the whole show was Mary-Kate Olsen (Michelle). When this show first premiered, she was only a baby…now she’s all grown up! Does that mean, however, that she is making all of the right choices?
Mary-Kate Olsen has recently been linked to Olivier Sarkozy (brother of former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy). That’s all well and good. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy for a new relationship? The most distressing part of the whole affair is the astounding age difference between the two. Mary-Kate is 25…Olivier is 42! Is anyone else stunned by this fact?!
A source confirmed Mary-Kate and Olivier’s relationship and told Us Weekly that “they are very good for each other.” The two met at a party in April and have been dating for just over a month.
Page Six first told of the relationship on May 25th when the two were spotted toasting drinks at a Knicks game and vacationing over Memorial Day weekend at the Hamptons.
There have been many different opinions about this relationship, mostly about the seventeen year age gap between the two. We hear all about older-younger relationships on the Maury Show (hosted by Maury Povich) and the crowd has never given anything except negative responses to those couples. Olivier’s ex-wife Charlotte Sarkozy has branded his relationship with Mary-Kate with the word “grotesque.”
Olivier had split from ex-girlfriend Stella Schnabel in March, a month before starting his relationship with Mary-Kate.
However, there have also been many successful older-younger relationships.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if this relationship turns out absolutely stunning or absolutely disastrous for Mary-Kate Olsen!