Does Greece deserve what they are going through?

I would start with making clear that I have decided I would have driven a Porsche 911 Carrera when I was 7, and 16 years since then, it’s still the city car in the list of cars I want (Aston Martin Vantage and Bugatti Veyron, if anyone is curious). How it is possible that there are over 160,000 Cayennes in Greece is beyond my comprehension, even without the claim that there are more Cayennes than people who declare a higher income than €50,000. However, the claim has been done, has been reported by the Telegraph and the BBC, has been disproved already, yet people keep quoting it on message boards at the point: “does Greece deserve what they are going through?”, from the moral superiority given them from being still safe in the Euro Zone.
“Does Greece deserve what they are going through?” is the question of the day, but it could be extended to any democratic country, as it is about the core of democracy. In democracy, people vote for their representatives, given that they don’t have closed lists and can just pick the party like in Italy at the past elections.
Some of the people taking part to this debate believe that the Greeks have been fraud by the government, the others believe the Greeks have deliberately voted for a government who promised a (financial?) paradise on Earth. The truth could be in the middle. However, unless there is an absolute majority, there will always be someone (may it be one person) that has not voted for that government, no matter the reasons why the others did.
I don’t like to pay for mistakes I haven’t made when I was on the right side, and I don’t think Greeks like that too. This is the first point why, to me, it is not fair to say that Greece deserves what they are going through. It is not a mistake made by all, but all are paying the consequences.
Second point is that now they are trying to bring a corpse back into life. After centuries of corruption and debt, they tried to save Greece with the austerity, and the result was the rise of two extremist parties in the last elections. The last time Greece went through a bad economic crisis and defaulted on their debt was in the 30s. Do you remember which parties were rising during the Great Depression? Yes, the man who proclaimed the superiority of a race with physical traits that were opposite to his was involved. It shouldn’t surprise that history repeats itself in the case of Greece. From the end of the 19th century to 1965, the economic decisions in the already in-debt from birth Republic of Greece were taken by a technocracy, the International Financial Commission. When it was abolished, to use the words of journalist Romain Champetier, “gradually, the state expanded its role in the economy without gaining in efficiency.”
The welfare state worked for a while, but couldn’t last forever without the efficiency. So here we are. Does Greece deserve what they are going through? Greece now is just coping with the consequences of a whole life, no matter who voted whom. It is unfair to blame the unfortunate decision of part of the population, even if that decision elected the vultures that stripped off the remaining flesh from the carcass.