X-Factor judge Tulisa’s sex tape scandal

It is unclear to me if the X-Factor makes people talk more for its talents or for the private lives of those involved. However, the X-Factor UK judge Tulisa Contostavlos (better known as simply Tulisa) is still on the mouth of the masses more for the sex tape than her debut solo single, which hit the media last week.
That sex is what sells was clear to everybody. In my opinion, though, the thing is going out of proportion. The whole matter in short, is you missed any part of it: once upon a time Tulisa had a relationship with Justin Edwards. They made a video of an intimate moment, Justin claims out of Tulisa’s idea. Someone puts the video on the Internet and it goes viral. Tulisa’s lawyers claim the sex tape is fake. Tulisa releases a video in which she opens her heart about it and admit it was her and how she feels betrayed by her former boyfriend. Tulisa gets support from fellow celebrities (X-factor’s producer Simon Cowell and Big Brother’s contestant Imogen Thomas to mention a couple) while most of the public seems against her. Justin defends himself saying it was not him to put the video online and he is disgusted it happened. The video of the sex tape is sold in Soho. Tulisa makes a public appearance and feels uncomfortable because of the people talking behind her back. The people are really still talking about it (mea culpa).
Many seem to think it is her trying to get publicity. It doesn’t make sense to me. If there is someone who may need attention from the broader public is the handsome man called Justin Edwards, or MC Ultra in the music business. If you look for him on the Internet beside the sex tape thing, there is little to nothing. The coincidence with the release of Tulisa’s solo single is ambiguous, but the controversy against Mischa B is still remembered nowadays so it was enough publicity for her, who in the end was a judge on the X-Factor and this is much visibility in itself.
So, it seems fair to assume her version of the story is sincere (and I hope it was a third person getting the video somehow because I really don’t want to believe it was the ex boyfriend).
This raises a worrying point in the way our society works nowadays. Only 1% of the population is estimated to be asexual, so the majority of those walking under the sun have engaged, will engage or are engaging in this moment in acts similar in nature to the one in the sex tape. Yet a girl has to speak up for herself saying that there is nothing she is (and should be) ashamed of in sharing an intimate moment with the man she could have married and keeping a material memory of it, while the rest of the world turned into gossips.
Weren’t we in the age of the sexual renaissance where all revolves around sex and being called a prude is the worst insult you can use against someone? I had the impression the general attitude was that, and the fuss about the sex tape surprised me.
I have never been a fan of photo and video memories of whichever nature, I probably won’t have any video of my children’s birth, birthdays and embarrassing family reunions. The rest of the world seems to live for putting their parties on Facebook. Take a step further, put sex in it, and you get Tulisa’s story. I see nothing more disagreable than the whole put-the-photos-on-the-internet or show-the-videos-to-our-friends attitude. Not even because of the nature of the images.
I cannot understand why people suddenly turned their backs to their own preaching about the sexual freedom of our times. I stand by Tulisa’s side, this time.