Political Marketing in Today’s America

Social Media and Politics

Political Marketing and the Politicians

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich all share at least one common trait, that being the importance of political marketing in today’s America. It is so important to reach voters and keep them engaged, without clouding the message or having it get lost in the nebulous atmosphere of twent-four hour news coverage.
Each one of the candidates mentioned above has employed his own political consulting firm to manage his political marketing message, through both online and conventional media sources. While it is true that television and radio are not going away any time soon, it is equally true that a politician can only ignore digital media at his or her own peril. Ignoring the internet is simply not an option.
Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter allow for quick, efficient and cost effective communication between loyal supporters and candidates. They operate like forward operating basis for every campaign. People can stay-up-to-date on campaign stops and fundraising events alike. These services also allow supporters to become aware of new events affecting the campaign and respond quickly to keep their candidate safe from harm to his or her repuation.
The entire political field must utilize and appreciate this medium of communication because their opponents certainly will.
Getting Youtube videos quickly uploaded and dispersed across the web means rallies and townhall meetings can be augmented to spread support from a local audience to the national theater with the click of a button. People are free to post comments and criticisms, helping a campaign evolve and adapt along the way. People young and hold are getting into the new age of viral marketing.

Political Marketing Hazards

There is a potential downside, however, spreading a message too quickly or without proper oversight can mean sending the wrong message. It is incredibly difficult to play catch-up after the fact. Candidates must rely on experienced political consulting firms to properly manage and maintain accuracy every step of the way. As the hold saying goes, rumors can run halfway around the world before the truth even gets its shoes on in the morning.
Going it alone, without political marketing consultants to help, is simply too dangerous. The time and effort needed to correct false or misleading information makes it cost-prohibitive in terms of public reputation. All successful political marketing campaigns must be properly managed to avoid running out of control.
If Rick Santorum runs off at the mouth about homosexuals or women, for example, opponents will be quick to tag sound bites and distribute them far and wide to demonstrate some negative quality. Mr. Santorum can rest assured they most certainly will. No doubt about it.

Political Marketing Done Right

Having an offensive, as well as defensive, political marketing strategy means being able to offer original and engaging content while also being able to respond quickly to negative attacks. There is no alternative. There are not only numerous political marketing agencies around to manage campaigns, but also rating agencies that track effectiveness and market penetration. The whole system is mananged and monitored.
The numerous outlets for information are both a blessing and a curse. People have access to so much information that it often becomes difficult to sift through it all. What is relavent and what is just noise? Often times it is quite difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.
As a strategy for their own economy of attention, people will often select a few credible sources and abandon all the rest. Political marketing managers are cognizant of this fact and are constantly working to get their message across to as many sources as possible.
Political marketing will continue to evolve around reaching the widest audience possible, while people constantly seek more effective ways to filter their own content exposure.