Blogging and New Journalism

Blogging and New Journalism
There is a sense in which I have no idea about what to discuss today. It is that I actually have too many things on my mind I want everyone to know, that I don’t know where to start from.
This is what happens with what I suggest it should be called the new journalism. It is something far from the typical inaccessible press of the past, but it’s not pure blogging either. It is the evolution of blogging like a Pok√©mon (children of the 90s…), into something more accessible than journalism, but less personally oriented. In the end, the blog was the public on the Internet version of the secret journal, right?
I see what I write here on Surface Earth as something closer to Francesco Alberoni’s editorials on the Corriere della Sera. Maybe even more opinion-oriented than them. I am free to share all the news I want to comment, and even more to comment.
Alberoni is not the director of the big Italian magazine, but neither am I here. It is no longer the space for the director to show their opinion from the highest level, like many little Charles Foster Kane.
Today (as the time I am writing at is 0.39 GMT of the 22nd) is the closing day of the London Fashion Week. For the past five days, bloggers as well as the press were around the city together, writing on their smartphones (which are as democratic as it is journalism now there is the Internet) and commenting on the same events. Events have been dedicated to how blogging and the Internet have changed the world of fashion.
The old model of journalism has gone into pieces, the influence comes from the people, not like the constitutions released by the monarch in our history. Though every field has their monarchs.
Though, as it is easy to open a blog and share your thoughts, sharing your thoughts as a journalist is still a higher step, though new journalism took the aristocracy of publishing down their pedestal.
How blogging and Internet journalism and how can I forget the social media? control the world of opinion seems like the discussion trend of the day (in a less literal interpretation of the expression).
I am not sure if I have a good opinion or a bad opinion of that, especially since I do precisely what is the hot topic (blogging and new journalism, both). There is the risk that supporting new journalism simply extends the aristocracy, while supporting blogging may lower the standards of information.
The paradoxes of our days of democracy.