The Oscars 2012

Yesterday night has been the Oscars night. Most people in the world were actually expecting it with apprehension. I was not. I would have bet more easily on who would have won what at the Oscars than in the Champions League. For the record, I would have got right all the Oscars, and I have lost a lot of money with the Champions League, either betting for and against Bayern. The only time I got surprised by the Oscars was when Colin Firth did not win for A Single Man. I may be surprised of the Film Editing winner, but not as much as two years ago. 90% of the time the winners at the Golden Globes decide who will win the Oscars. In this sense, the success of The Artist might be surprising, as it is not much of a commercial film.
Don’t misunderstand me, I love Meryl Streep, and I think her three Oscars were deserved, as it is her brilliant career. I simply have no interest in watching the ceremony (the clothes are everywhere on the web; Twitter is a perfect coverage, especially when you follow Livia Firth and all newspapers and TVs will announce the winners in the first edition of the morning) or in waiting for the results as if I was nominated. Maybe if Colin Firth is nominated, I admit I woke up at 6 to catch the first news after the night of the Oscars 2011. I should better say I did not go back to sleep when I woke up for other reasons and realized the Oscars were soon to be over if not over already, and I wanted to know. However, at the Oscars 2012, my favourite actor just presented the award for the best actress (source: my Twitter timeline which was a live comment of the moment more than the rest of the Oscars ceremony), so I was not feeling trained to open a famous search engine, put Oscars 2012 in the search bar and press enter. I actually read the list of winners at 6PM on a printed evening newspaper before reading a heartbreaking local news about a young man stabbed to death in a bar. After reading that, my enthusiasm for the Oscars, predictable as they may be, got very high.
I don’t want to be cheeky, but some shocks make the most superficial thing look important as they mean your destiny has been merciful with you. So, dear Oscars, see you next year.