Super Bowl 2012

Super Bowl 2012 Lucas Stadium
A few days ago I stumbled across an episode of the David Letterman show which advertised the tickets for the Super Bowl for a price that I really cannot remember, but was absolutely high.
I have been immersed in the pre-Super Bowl atmosphere for days, if not weeks.
All I had understood in the years is that if you are a singer, and you are chosen to sing the national anthem before the Super Bowl it’s basically like singing for the president, and that when American football is a real obsession in the country, the Super Bowl is just the apotheosis of this.
I am aware that Americans are really able to gather as people in front of certain situations, in spite of the great gaps and differences in their vast territory. There is a word in the Italian language that is used as a derogative to talk about those kinds of things that are typical of the American culture. It is what I consider the characteristic European snobbery that is run through the generations of my family, like thalassemia. I am the only one who, having many American friends, has made an effort to the understanding of those expressions of good feelings and unity within the country.
It does not surprise me that people gather to drink and eat Super Bowl food as if it was the 4th of July, though I have looked at the cost of the Super Bowl tickets on the advertising on the David Letterman Show with my jawbone dangerously close to the floor. In the end, there is the recession there too. However, this is life, and they are free to spend their money as they want to, unless they are criminals. Super Bowl 2012
I will still see the charm of Super Bowl in the people who gather in the houses to share a small screen in many people, sharing food, drinks and humanity. People shouting while the actions go on the screen, and realizing that they are a country, they are all American, in spite of who they are supporting at Super Bowl. This is the long-lost meaning of sport, and the spirit of a country that, sometimes, is misunderstood and misjudged.