iPhone and Pinterest covering the New York Fashion Week

A couple of weeks after the release of the ntempth iPhone application of a magazine, I have stumbled across this peculiar fact: the Wall Street Journal has covered the New York Fashion Week with Instagram and Pinterest. For those who don’t know, the former is a photo-sharing application for iPhone, and only the huge amount of sold Apple items saves it from the accusation that could be done to the other, which is an invitation-only social network. If Instagram cuts out all the non-iPhone users of the world, at least it is not by invitation, as far as I am aware of it. The New York Fashion Week coverage is visible to the public, though.
I have been surprised to know the Wall Street Journal was covering the New York Fashion Week, but how surprised me even more. Social media define our world now, and it does not get along well with the heavy reflex cameras and massive lenses we are used to see in the hands of photographers.
It is understandable that the Wall Street Journal decided to cover an event that attract a lot of interest from the people outside of the field, wondering what happens behind the doors of the New York Fashion Week, with the iPhone.The quality of the pictures in digital is higher and higher every new model of phones released, though a lot is done by digital editing in post-production or through the various editing applications that make post-production useless. However, it is all about the easy and fast sharing.
I find the idea of the Wall Street Journal of using networks like Pinterest to reach the readership intriguing, especially since I am famous for not being able to read magazines if not through their images. However, I highly dislike the idea of iPhone cameras replacing the regular photo-journalism. Using the small camera of your iPhone is like what was taking Polaroid shots.
The iPhone applications allow you to print pictures as if they were Polaroid shots, but it will never be like a real Polaroid. It is digital, and you can be a terrible photographer and be able to come up with something good to look at thanks to your iPhone app. Thing that was impossible when you simply had that single shot as with the old Polaroid (the new Polaroid camera on the market has an editing tool).