The Golden Globes

THE 57TH ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS -- NBC Special -- Pictured: Golden Globe award -- NBC Photo: Alice S. Hall ORG XMIT
I must admit something: from a personal point of view, I couldn’t care less about Golden Globes. Golden Globes? What are Golden Globes? Is it something to eat? This is what I would be if I wasn’t a journalist. I am not interested in what the divas were wearing, unless someone attended with a vintage piece from a great designer’s collection. I might idolize the golden age of Hollywood (from the first films to the Nouvelle Vague moving the spotlight on the continent) too much, but I only see a pantomime of something that was and will never be. Even though, I cannot allow myself to be snobbish towards the whole Golden Globes thing. One reason is, of course, that it’s the news of the day, and I work with news. The other reason, more personal, is strictly linked to what doesn’t appeal to me about the Golden Globes, or the Academy Awards for that matters: The Artist won in three categories.
The Artist is a film set in the silent era, shot in black and white, with a collection of costumes to drive any vintage addict mad with jealousy and a collection of film festival prizes, which sustain the claim of “best film of the year” in the trailer. Spice up with a bit of good music, a cast of great actors rarely hyped and a budget big enough to get you a good technical quality, and you have the recipe to make a “Golden Globes winner who can take home a good amount of Academy Awards too.” The typical “already announced winner” everyone bets on. Like Meryl Streep.
Meryl Streep is the “petite robe noire” of our times’ cinema. A film can be not Audrey Hepburn, but it will look better with her in it. It is not a coincidence she won as well.
Another coincidence in this year’s Golden Globes, one that seems part of a Shakespearan comedy where everything is connected, a Midwinter’s Night’s Dream, is the Best Screenplay award: Midnight in Paris. I am not a fan of Woody Allen and the reasons why I have watched some of his films would degrade me from an amateur critic to a fan girl. This film, though, has been very long expected. Again the 1920s, and in a city I really love.
I highly doubt Woody Allen would have gone under silence with a different film, but, for once, I can see what the fuss is all about. If you take a look at this year’s Golden Globes winners list you can easily see what I mean. The Descendants, Beginners and A Separation are the only titles that are not set more than 20 years ago. The situation is different in the television section, but the vintage trend in recent times is evident in the Mad Man fever, as well as the again winning Downton Abbey, and the amount of films and TV series falling under the “Period Drama” category that are not nominated at Golden Globes or anywhere else.
The Top 25 most rated period dramas on a fan website counts 18 titles from 2005 to nowadays. A preliminary look suggests a majority of them is post-2008.
It looks like the charm of the past doesn’t affect only me.