There’s a Euro Banker behind the Curtain Named Goldman Sachs


Could the flows of humanity participating in Occupy Wall Street or “Occupy” be the ultimate voice in helping us to understand that fundamental rights of men are being bartered away?  Liken to herds of wildebeest whose instinct drives them to more fertile plains in the wake of a drought. Perhaps the OWS is feeling their fundamental rights being manipulated by the artificially created monetary drought that threatens Europe.  Euro bankers like Goldman Sachs may be tooling a huge debt that will cause the loss of independence for sovereigns within the Euro Zone. Its dark potential is threatening the way the world views the status of its sovereign states. Those global banks began on our shores and at present are the authors of a ghastly scenario that threatens to engulf our global neighbors. We are no longer in Kansas and our banker may no longer occupy our neighborhoods.
We persist in looking for the invisible hand to pull the strings and levers that will show us the way to a better place.  How can that be when global corporations may be designating leaders in an attempt to enslave members within the euro zone with irreconcilable debt? The truth is no longer comforting and more and more the rabble rousers or the whistle blowers are revealing some important facts about our financial system.  This legion is growing. In the minority at the start of the Euro Zone formation, their facts have been validated and are difficult to dispute. The path of many of the financial and economic leaders of the Euro Zone leads to the Euro Banker Goldman Sachs.
On December 9, 2011 there will be a meeting in Brussels that will play an important role in the decision of the future of the euro.  Euro leaders will present their thoughts and findings on how individual sovereigns’ will transact their businesses.  They will bear the economic dictates of a few led by Germany and France. This is the part that scares the cowardly lion.  The autocrats, who have orchestrated the powerful winds that will change the face of global politics and economics, are not governments.  They are global businesses.  To be specific global banking businesses like Goldman Sachs.  From its ranks Goldman Sachs has supplied the leadership to ease the transition. The European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi, the “designated” Prime Minister of Italy Mario Monti, and newly appointed Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos.  They are all instrumental in creating the carefully constructed emerald web of Goldman Sachs. Or so the whistle blowers are proclaiming.
Proclaimers denouncing Germany’s reconstruction of a two part Europe come from all parts.  Germany’s Markus Kerber, Italy’s Mario Boreghezio, Canada’s Daniel Estulin, journalist / author and self-proclaimed Bilderberg expert. And perhaps the most vocal is England’s Nigel Farage.  Author Daniel Estulin was invited to address the European Parliament as a guest of Italian member, Mario Borghezio. As a conspiracy theorist, he preaches that corporations are leading the economic coup, engineered by leading global euro banks.  British MEP Nigel Farage speaks to the fundamental issues that autocracy rips the fabric of economic autonomy.  That monolithic euro banks, perhaps enlisting the aid of government leaders like Angela Merkel, is robbing countries of their rights to self-govern. The opposition is quick to point out that this coup is not politically motivated. There is no right or left agenda, only the need to
control.Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs remain silent on OWS protests.

Common to all whistle blowers there is real data in validating their reasoning. Are the outcries we hear coming from the Occupy Wall Street heralding the arrival of an autocracy within our shores? Or has it already come? On Thursday and Friday December 8th and 9th, 2011 there will be a heavily guarded entourage of chiefs of states attending a Brussels summit meeting.  An important few of them will be representing the interests of the most vulnerable sovereigns. Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain are sufferers of poorly managed economies and for that reason may lose their rights to self-governing. Yet still we ignore a euro banker behind the curtain named Goldman Sachs.