Obama: Today’s Next Vision

It is not without a certain amount of humility that I write this post.

I am not schooled in politics.

There is something within me that blocks the flow of politics, voices in the media screeching and making me recoil, like mad ravens at a window.

I don’t have much use for “politics”. But I am not so naive as to believe I have the alternative, right, best answer for the world.

Yes, Obama doesn’t have the “past”. Isn’t that why some of us like him, want him, even, as our next President?

In many ways, a Presidential hopeful, and a President, are no different than you or I. It embodies one voice, that position, one; yes, one meant to be held and heard with more fervor and weight, but that is only if we continue to play the sliding scale of humanity we somehow unwittingly inherited and continue to propogate.

What do I hear when the call sounds: “O-Bam-A”?

I hear hope for a new tomorrow. I feel something resonate that has to do with the heart of humanity.

I hear a universal voice.

I can doubt him, why not, it’s what we are taught to do, but I feel, I would rather cast my stones in the basket of hope, we are what we believe and what we manifest. So much more so, if we dare to believe.


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