Tobeme a/k/a The Naked Soul today wrote a piece on The Magic of Life.

Now granted, I am a fan of his blog and often come away with something that makes me continue to chew, in other words, I rarely fully digest the words and spin them over, wondering as to the many paths, the many intuitions, the abundance of wisdom.

Today, I found myself again on the Naked Soul blog because I enjoy it.  Now days before, maybe just 1.5 or two, but I’m thinking less than two, I was challenging myself, asking myself:  What, what?  what is it you are seeking? What do you want?  What do you hope to achieve?

It came to me:  Magic.

I wanted to live within and know magic.

Not sorcery, no dark arts, but just plain and simple, knowing the undercurrent which causes all other things.

It could be termed so many different ways:  spirituality, Deeksha, Kaballah, Mysticism, Christian or otherwise, Paganism, Celtic Mythology,  etc.

What stopped me in my tracks as I thought down this road, is….were the alleged witches in Salem County doing anything differently?  Searching and wishing for something different?  Perhaps even for some possessing the inner knowledge?  And I thought, no, no and no.  And then I felt what only a shade of what it must have felt to be so accused, so damned, for simply searching for knowledge.  And know, it can happen yet again and does happen, day after day.

Now, I feel like the voice behind the cloak, the heavy hood, perhaps a signboard around my neck and a bell tolling in my hand, crying along the streets:  The End is Near.

It’s not what I intend, not what I want, certainly if I believe in manifestation, not what I should think about for even a moment….yet…I do.

Ok, ok, I have awhile yet to go to clear out the ego, to detach myself before I am free from such limiting thoughts…in the meantime…I am here, still questioning on this level.

I still want the answers, the bare bones, stripped to the core, pure beyond purity solution to what we all live and breath:  life and faith, humanity, how to get to the next level.

If I was playing a video game, I could consult a manual, a blog with tips, whatever, because we could get to the source of design of that one game, but, if we get to the source of design of this game, our game, will we get our answers?  will we be empowered or will we still be operating on blind faith?

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